How the pARTy Works

On a given day an image will be shared, along with the subsequent artwork painted by the pARTy hosts.

Participants are then invited to create art from the referenced image, Anything goes, but the artwork must have been started and finished within a 24 hour period.

In the fairness of allowing all an equal opportunity to participate, artists will have a window of time to complete their pARTy entry, again keeping in mind said entry must have actually been created within a 24 hour window.

NEW: pARTy submissions must be emailed to by the pARTy deadline so that they can be uploaded to the blog. You may also register for the pARTy forum and post your work there, but when doing so, please register in your own name and send us an email so that we can process your registration - otherwise we will assume it is just spam!

We regret that entries not meeting these requirements cannot be shared on the pARTy blog.

If you are posting pARTy artwork to your own website, please give credit to the individual photographer providing the photo. It would be great if you also mentioned The Virtual pARTy as well. We thank you in advance for this courtesy.

Thanks for joining us! And happy creating - Linda & Kim

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August pARTy Image

Here is your image.

You may modify it however suits your working methods, but please, wherever you post your resulting work, give credit to the photographer Linda Shantz (

Artwork is due Saturday, August 22nd. You have one 24 hour period to complete your artwork, and all jpgs must be submitted via the pARTy forum.

More complete rules and details appear in the header of this blog and on the pARTy forum.

Happy creating!! Kim

Friday, August 14, 2009

Potential New pARTy Participants ~ Please Read!

Just to add to Kim's announcement, anyone who is registering for the first time on the Forum, please be sure to provide me with your email address for purposes of confirmation. I've been receiving a lot of spam registrations which I will not process, so if you don't give me some way of confirming you are indeed a real person, I won't approve the registration. If you've tried to register in the last couple of days and haven't been approved, please take a moment and drop me a line and I'll make sure your registration gets completed!

Thanks! Looking forward to you all playing along with us next week!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August's Virtual pARTy


The next Virtual pARTy will be held August 19th through the 22nd. This window of time is to allow participants the opportunity to allocate a 24 hour period for completing a piece of art inspired by the reference photo chosen by pARTy host Linda Shantz.

Linda will be choosing something from her recent trip to Saratoga Race Course opening weekend.

New pARTy participants are encouraged to visit the pARTy forum and register prior to submitting their artwork. If you've registered for a previous pARTy, there is no need to do so a second time.

pARTy followers may also check out the pARTy forum to see who's RSVPed and their corresponding artwork.

Stay tuned. Image to come shortly!
Happy creating!